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Identity Theft

The single greatest value that identity theft coverage can provide is fully managed identity restoration services.

Identity Protection has grown to be the single most important security measure available in today’s technologically dependent society. From bank accounts to bill paying, our most valuable information has become subject to convenience, and with that convenience comes an obligation to protect our assets and ourselves from vulnerability.

With Safepoint Insurance you get more than just protection, you get peace of mind and stability with a partner you can trust.

Over 37% of victims reported problems other than out-of-pocket expenses. Problems reported: being harassed by collection agencies, denied credit, unable to use existing credit cards, unable to obtain loans, utilities cut off, subject to criminal investigations or law suits, being arrested and difficulties accessing bank accounts.

Don’t wait until you and your family have become a victim.

  • $25,000 limit for expenses as a result of the theft of your identity
  • No Deductible
  • Lost Wages: For time taken from work up to a maxi-mum of $1,000 per week for a period of five weeks
  • Loan application fee to re-apply
  • Legal Fees
  • Reasonable attorney fees incurred (with prior company consent)
  • Defense of lawsuits brought against you as a result of ID Fraud
  • The removal of any criminal or civil judgment wrongfully entered against you
  • Challenging the accuracy or completeness of any information in a Credit Report
  • LostWallet
  • Credit Freeze Assistance
  • Credit Report Review
  • Assistance with filing police reports

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