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Increase Flood Insurance Sales Before Spring Flooding

Spring flooding season is here. Now is the time to start actively selling flood insurance policies, especially in areas where spring flood risks are heightened as a result of wildfire damage, winter storms, spring melt, spring rains, and saturated soils.

Sales Tip #1: New Business Focus

Residential real estate prices in many places are now often over the $250,000 maximum coverage amount provided by the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP). It’s a prime opportunity to complement NFIP coverage with an excess flood policy to maximize protection for your client’s home. 

Sales Tip #2: Retention Focus

With home prices on the rise, review your current flood book to find policies which may need excess flood protection. Provide your insureds with a midterm excess flood quote, if available, from your flood insurance sales and servicing platform. This proactive action is an opportunity to connect and retain your relationship.

Increase Your Flood Insurance Sales with Spring Flooding Resources

“Why Buy Flood Insurance” 1-pagers are fillable PDFs that allow you to add your contact information. This is a great piece to email to your prospective customers or print and hand directly to them. The 1-pager text can also be used as a blog post on your website. Drive traffic to your website with the social media cards and link to the spring flooding blog post.

Download the Flyer

Retention Focus for Homes Not Required to Have Flood Insurance

Many property owners try to save money by giving up non-mandatory expenses. This can occur for properties where flood insurance isn’t required, risking financial exposure to the #1 natural disaster in the US. Keeping flood insurance can provide your policyholders financial peace-of-mind protection for the unpredictable. Click on the button below to download your fillable PDF flyer to give to clients or to email to your current policyholders who may be at risk of not keeping their flood insurance policy.

Download the Flyer

Social Media Resources

Promote your services on social media with these cards. Include a link back to your website where there is more information about spring flooding. You can use the text in the flyer above. Click on each image to download.


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FEMA Resources

Click on the buttons below for spring flooding marketing resources from

Spring Flooding Handout

Spring Flooding Campaign


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